Prefabricated Office Buildings

Prefabricated Office Buildings: Exporting its Prefabricated Offices export product group to many parts of the world, Kolay Prefabrik delivered the prefabricated office buildings it produced for its customer in Georgia. Prefabricated office buildings, which are used extensively in construction sites abroad as well as in Turkey, are prepared as a package in the factory and then sent by trailer or container transportation, depending on the region where they will be installed. The most important point during transportation is to load properly. Incorrect loading of the prefabricated office building may cause the materials to tip over and be damaged in the trailer or container during shipment. That’s why the prefabricated shipment process is an important stage.

The prefabricated office building plan, the project of which has been prepared in line with the wishes of our customers, is produced as completely modular, allowing disassembly and re-installation at any time.

Prefabricated Office Buildings Export Assembly Process

After the export of prefabricated offices and after the materials arrive at the construction site, a supervisor is sent by our company for assembly guidance if the buyer requests it. Prefabrik supervisor performs the installation of prefabricated buildings with the employees to be provided by the buyer. According to the prefabricated assembly plans prepared by the engineering group, assembly processes are carried out quickly and with a bolted system at the construction site. Welding, nails, etc. in prefabricated office building assembly processes. No connection method is used that will prevent or damage later disassembly. Prefabricated assembly drill, screwdriver, etc. bolts, screws, nuts, etc. with hand tools. It is made with reusable materials.

The project is produced using prefabricated office buildings, sandwich panels or fibercement materials, which are made according to the needs of the customer and in accordance with the purpose of the office. It is suitable for the use of all office and administrative buildings with its insulated walls and optional aesthetic materials. Office, meeting rooms, training and seminar rooms etc. The most optimum prefabricated office building project is prepared by evaluating the number of personnel working in the areas during the planning.