Prefabricated Houses in Turkey

Prefabricated Houses in Turkey has become one of the most popular summer house solutions, especially in recent times. The fact that they are cute, aesthetic, fast, as well as heat and sound insulation and resistant to earthquakes is seriously effective in this regard. However, the economy offered to us by the concept of prefabricated house cannot be ignored. For this reason, its use for a short time has become widespread, as it is suitable for use all over Turkey.

Prefabricated house models start from one-room plans between 25 m2 and 30 m2 and vary completely depending on your dreams. The most demanded ones are 70 m2 – 80 m2 prefabricated houses, which are generally two plus one. However, these plans can be prepared completely according to your wishes.

We wrote about the term prefabricated in our previous blog and we said that we will talk about the advantages of prefabricated houses in our next article. Speaking of prefabricated houses, it is not possible to briefly mention these advantages. We will discuss it extensively with technical details. – Prefabricated Houses in Turkey

Prefab House Advantages

You have decided to have a prefabricated house that you want to use as a summer house, vineyard, garden or permanently. So far everything ok. So what kind of building system should this house be? Reinforced concrete? Stone? Prefabricated house? Mild Steel? ..etc. You may have many alternatives. Here is perhaps the most difficult for you to find the answer to this question. –  Prefabricated Houses in Turkey

Since our subject is a prefabricated house, we will try to answer the question why should I buy it? We will try to list them simply and in items without going into details:

  • Prefabricated house models are flexible, you can create any type of house model you want by mounting sandwich panel system walls with fasteners. We can say that there are unlimited options in this regard. But it is also a fact that some plans on which people generally agree are more preferred. You can review them all on the pages with prefabricated house plans on our site.
  • Ready-made houses are really cute and aesthetic as you can see in their photos. The reason for this is that they have both flexible models and the materials used are aestheticizable.
  • Production and assembly times are very fast. Since they are pre-manufactured structures, the operations related to the production time in the factory are not felt by the customer.
  • Pefabricated house can be dismantled from one place and re-installed in another place and put into use, if desired. The wastage rate at this time is around 5% if the job is correct and done by a competent assembly team. All the main materials of the building are used. Just like in normal houses, it requires minor renovations, electricity, paint works after moving.
  • One of the most important features of prefabricated houses is minimizing the loss of space. The reason for this is the absence of insulation thick walls as in reinforced concrete buildings. Therefore, it provides clearer and more efficient use of space.

Insulation Advantages

Heat insulation application is made from both the wall and the ceiling and is extremely efficient. Therefore, fuel costs are much lower in winter compared to reinforced concrete houses. In summer, the need for air conditioning is also less compared to the region. If insulation is made on the floor concrete and screed part prepared beforehand by the customers, the total insulation value will increase to the upper level.
As everyone knows, prefabricated ready-made houses are earthquake resistant. There are two main reasons for this: First, the main frame structures, roof trusses etc. it is made of steel material. Secondly, since it is mounted with a plug-in system connection method, its fragility decreases and the rate of stretching increases in shock. For this reason, these houses are also commonly referred to as earthquake houses and earthquake resistant houses. It is very suitable for use in earthquake zones.
Finally, we should say the following about the advantages of ready-made houses. This will be a bit of relief for our customers who are still looking for an answer to the question of whether they should buy a prefab house. You can continue to use the prefabricated houses in the same way as the reinforced concrete houses you have used before. You can hang your painting on your wall, cover your bathroom with ceramic tiles, and mount your kitchen cabinets on the wall. But, just like every business has a professional. Likewise, you should buy prefabricated houses from an expert, experienced prefabricated company and have their expert teams assembled. If you consult about what you want to do, you can use it without any problems. – Prefabricated Houses in Turkey

So far, we have talked about the advantages of prefabricated structures in general. Alright;

What to consider when buying a prefabricated house;

  • As in any job, experience comes first. It should be careful that the prefabricated company you are going to buy has houses that are experienced in this regard and that they have built before. With our 30 years of experience in the sector and our expert staff, we are proud to serve you as Kolay Prefabrik.
  • The most important part of prefabricated houses after assembly is that the assembly team is professional in this regard. The company should convince you about this issue.
  • You must read the technical specifications of the house you will buy. Are the steel parts in the structures galvanized? Are thermal insulation materials and values ​​sufficient? Are the quality levels of door, window, armature, accessory materials certain?
  • The prefabricated house sales system generally depends on a certain logic in the sector. Therefore, many companies do not work with the so-called turnkey method.
  • In this context, you should pay attention to the fact that the terms regarding what belongs to you, the buyer and what belongs to the company, are clear and unambiguous in the contract.
  • Let’s refer this matter to another article to write more extensively.

We hope that the prefabricated house of your dreams will be just as you wish, and you will live in it for a lifetime with your family and loved ones. – Prefabricated Houses in Turkey

Best wishes, see you soon.