Prefab in Turkey

Prefab in Turkey: We wanted to give information about what the word prefabricated means to us, its meaning, its history in the world and its situation in Turkey, rather than its technical aspects. We will describe the technical features and advantages of ready-made structures in our next articles.

What is Prefab as a Word?

It is basically the common form of the term prefabrication. Contrary to what is known, all kinds of structural, architectural, production facilities, service personnel, etc., whose subject is not only a building, are essentially prepared in the factory in line with a project, then assembled at the place of use and taken into operation, and which allow them to be disassembled and re-installed elsewhere. tools fall under this term. Apart from pre-engineered houses and structures, one of the most well-known usage areas is concrete batching plants.

What is Prefabricated Sectorally?

Prefabricated buildings are ready-made houses or just the type of building that is called. It is expressed in English with terms such as prefabricated, prefab, prefabricated homes, prefabricated building.

In general, it can be called ready-made building systems that are produced in parts at the factory, shipped to the place where they will be installed, and ready for use after on-site assembly and other works are completed.

Containers, steel construction structures, factory buildings, warehouses, hangars, etc. Many building systems such as prefabricated sector are generally gathered under the term and.

Prefab History

This ready-made building system is actually not a very new system, it is a method that has been used since ancient times. For example, according to a claim, the oldest known engineering works in the world BC. It is said that pre-prepared timber was used on a highway built in England in 3800. In the modern sense, the first ready-made houses were built in the 16th century. It is also recorded that it was made in India. Presumably, the houses built at that time were mostly prepared in workshops with wooden materials and set up on site. 19th century It can be called as the period in which the pre-production houses became more modern and closer to the present day. During the Crimean War of 1855, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a British engineer, proposed to the commission the construction of a prefabricated hospital. As a result of its acceptance, the pre-engineered hospital, Renkioi Hospital, was built by the fabricator William Eassie and shipped to the region by ship. This ready-made hospital was used from March 1856 to September 1857, and the death rate decreased from 42% to 3.5% thanks to the fact that this hospital was in that region. 19th century Afterwards, ready-made structures continued to be used increasingly and to find a place for themselves in many projects in many countries of the world.

Today’s modern prefabricated buildings have emerged as more aesthetic, affordable prefabricated houses, which are now more weighted steel construction, suitable for complete disassembly and reassembly. Thanks to the developing technologies, machinery infrastructure and new possibilities over time, very stylish and modern houses are produced today. – Prefab in Turkey

Prefab in Turkey

Prefab in Turkey

Prefabricated Sector in Turkey

It can be said that the sector started to form in Turkey mostly after the 1970s. After 1980, light construction companies started to be established. The founders of have more than a quarter of a century of experience with root companies established in 1987. In fact, we cannot say that ready-made construction companies in Turkey were known by a lot of people until the 90s. After the sad 17 August 99 Sakarya Earthquake, the serious need for shelter caused the sector to be known among the public. In the following period, pre-manufactured ready-made structures have become a product that is more familiar and demanded by people. From the beginning of the 2000s to the present day, sector companies in Turkey continue to develop. – Prefab in Turkey

Why Prefab?

As mentioned, Prefabricated is a kind of building system, so why should it be preferred, what are the advantages of ready-made houses?

Let’s leave it to another article since it is a wide topic, see you soon…