106 m2 One-Storey Prefabricated House (4+1)


This prefabricated house plan offered by kolayprefabrik.com is suitable for use as Prefabricated cottage House, prefabricated garden house, prefabricated vineyard House. Apart from these, the plan is ideal for the detached summer collective housing projects.

  • Project Code: P106B-01T
  • Building Area: 106 m2
  • Lounge: 28 m2
  • Kitchen: 6 m2
  • Hall: 6 m2
  • 4 Rooms: 14 m2 + 14 m2 + 14 m2 + 14 m2
  • Bathroom: 6 m2

The prefabricated house consists of 10 cm thick heat insulated outer walls and 6 cm thick heat insulated inner walls. The wall height is 250 cm. Complete Integrator insulation application is performed using the glass wool for insulation in the attic. The walls and the roof are connected to each other through a screw system through metal fasteners. This mechanism provides earthquake resistance.

One of the most important features of prefabricated houses are thermal insulation and earthquake resistance are included in this type of prefabricated house. In addition, general construction is fire resistence because the cement chipboard/fibercement is used for the pannel walls and all connection fittings are metal besed.

Red onduline sheet or red oven painted galvanized sheet is used for the prefabricated house as standart. Outer doors are steel doors, interior doors are applied as Panel wooden doors. All windows are manufactured in PVC and are used in double glazing with heat insulation for all geographical regions.

All plumbing and accessories of prefabricated houses, electrical installations and fixtures are made according to the plan and specification.

KolayPrefabrik.com Prefabricated Houses;

  • Environmental friendly
  • Fast and economical
  • Clean and modern
  • Earthquake resistent and heat insulated
  • Suitable to use in all georgraphical regions


Prefabricated houses are generally produced within the above standard specifications (Fig. 1). However, you can make the prefabricated house aesthetically beautiful by taking some extra features.

  • Metal tiles can be used as roof covers (picture-2 and picture-3 roof cover)
  • Figured coating can be used as a façade covering (fig. 2 Wall covering)
  • Taşonit can be made as a façade coating (fig. 3 Wall covering)