Container K-11


The container product group offers convenient solutions especially for construction sites because of its features such as easy mobility, practical movement for the construction site, being economical, shipping to trucks or trailers. The advantages of the containers are that they are made of sheet metal and are heat insulated.

Features of the Container on the Left;

  • Project Code: K-11
  • 3,00 m. x 7,00 m.: Applicable
  • 2,40 m. x 6,00 m.: Applicable
  • Optional Dimensions: Applicable
  • Room: 1 piece
  • Hall: 1 piece
  • Toilet-Bathroom: 1 piece
  • Kitchen: 1 piece Open Type

As the containers meet corporate needs, our end-user customers can provide services for the purpose of the Vineyard garden container, cottage container, container house, etc., which needs small space. Larger areas can be obtained by combining containers or by using floored.

The main container usage types are as follows; Life Container (Vineyard, garden, cottage etc.), Office container, cafeteria container, dormitory container, Wc container, shower container, compound and storey container, dismanted container and special manufacturing containers.

The general container basic measurements are 3 m. x 7 m. and 2.40 m. x 6 m. and the actual production measurements can vary from +/-10cm to the application, except that they are produced in the desired dimensions with respect to portability situation. The container size, which is produced as a block, is suitable for transport with trailers of 2.4 m. x 12 m. It is also possible to manufacture in small sizes for various needs such as 2 m. x 3 m., 1 m. x 1 m.

The general container manufacturing structure used domestically is a holistic structure called monobloc system and usually 1 container can be transported by 1 truck. In order to obtain the transportation advantage for overseas use, the segmented structure is used which makes it possible to assemble the containers in place and is called disassembled system. The assessment should be made according to the project, which is advantageous in all respects, taking into consideration the transportation and installation costs. Containers;

  • It has a strong steel construction structure.
  • Fast and economical.
  • Heat insulated sandwich panel is used.
  • Suitable for use in all geographical regions.


Containers are generally manufactured with standard features within steel construction and sheet panels. However, by purchasing some extra features you can make your containers aesthetically pleasing and more suitable for the purpose of use.

  • The home roof can be added to the containers.
  • For special uses in the containers, the outer façade can be applied on sheet metal insulating pan or taşonite.
  • Optional coatings can be made on internal facades in containers for special purposes.