Multi Purpose Prefabricated Constructions

Multi Purpose Prefabricated Constructions

Prefabricated buildings are used not only for home and construction sites, but also for purposes such as schools, hospitals and mosques, which are part of daily life. Economical multi purpose prefabricated constructions are produced according to the needs of both interior and exterior design for full use purposes. The appropriate standards are fulfilled and prefabricated plans of these structures are drawn.

Prefabricated School

Prefabrik Okul Resim

Prefabricated Hospital

Prefabrik Hastane Resim

Prefabricated Worship Places

Prefabrik Mescit Resim

Prefabricated Earthquake Houses

Prefabrik Deprem Evleri Resim

Prefabricated Social Facility Buildings

Prefabrik Sosyal Tesisler Resim