Containers are not only used in the field of transportation, they can offer easy and fast solutions for many projects. The containers often used in the construction site areas also offer solutions for personal needs. We, as, continue to produce solutions to meet your potential needs. Thanks to its fast production and easy transportation, it can be easily disassembled and used in different geographical regions, saving cash. They can be easily sent to overseas countries as finished products. The dimensions and outer coating are fully customizable. Now let’s take a look at the following areas of use.

Residential Containers

Yaşam Konteyneri Resim

Office Containers

Ofis Konteyneri Resim

Cafeteria Containers

Dormitory Containers

Yatakhane Konteyneri Resim

Toilet and Shower Containers

Interconnected Containers

bileşik konteynerler resim