About Us

KOLAY PREFABRİK is one of the leading company about “Prefabricated Buildings” market since 1987 and its experience with “KNOW-HOW” has been obtained more than “QUARTER CENTURY“. As a worldwide brand which has been leaded by well qualified owners of our company maintains value with the assets produced.

From the very further places of Turkey to the several places of the World, we have been built custom houses and workplaces.

Kolay Prefabrik has been exported its products to Georgia, Iraq, Ethiopia, Turkmenistan, Libya, Romania, Cyprus and Switzerland with success and installed properly by our qualified team.

Kolay Prefabrik ‘s services can be explained under the 5 main subjects as below:


Single Floor Prefabricated Houses, Double Floor Prefabricated Houses, Triple Prefabricated Houses.

As a Pre-Made building system, “Prefabricated Houses” come to the forefront with reasonable price, unique and modernized design, quick installation, heat isolation and earthquake proofing. Custom design option of the Prefabricated Houses provides flexible project option to the owner.

The materials which has been used on production process, mainly steel and heat resistant cement based sheets gain advantage to the owner. As the main usage of prefabricated buildings can be built as Summerhouse, Country Cottage, Village Houses and Prefabricated Sites. Besides all, Emergency Residences and Earthquake Buildings come to the forefront as a faster building solution.

https://kolayprefabrik.com/en/prefabricated-houses/  please check the link for more options.


Prefabricated Work Places, Prefabricated Office Buildings, Prefabricated Dining Hall, Prefabricated Dormitory, Prefabricated WC-Bathrooms, Prefabricated Social Facilities.

Prefabricated Work Places are the most popular buildings where the Pre-Made Buildings are being used mostly. As the fastest and economical solution of Prefabricated Buildings can be installed as Prefabricated Offices, Prefabricated Management Buildings, Prefabricated Dining Hall, Prefabricated Dormitory Prefabricated Toilets, Prefabricated Shower Places and Prefabricated Social Places and Rest Rooms according to the population of the workers.

The main reason of preference of the prefabricated buildings are to east to install, demountable and movable. This Pre-Made buildings can be used again and again.

https://kolayprefabrik.com/en/prefabricated-worksite-constructions/ please check for more options and details.


Labor Campuses, Construction Campuses, Petroleum Campuses and Mining Campuses

For a short-term or long-term specific project with a specific master plan, the prefabricated work campuses are built for the optimum worksite area and floor quantities.

All needs of the worksite stuff met by the buildings just like accomodation, offices, restrooms and personal cleaning. All prefabricated buildings are planned as movable according to the construction plan.

https://kolayprefabrik.com/en/prefabricated-worksite-constructions/ please check for more options and details.


Prefabricated Public Buildings, Prefabricated Schools, Prefabricated Pre-schools, Prefabricated Hospitals, Prefabricated Cottage Hospitals, Prefabricated Polyclinic, Prefabrik Prayer Rooms, Prefabricated Earthquake Houses, Prefabricated Emergency Help Units, Prefabricated Military Buildings

Prefabricated Buildings can be used as multipurpose units mentioned above.

The prefabricated buildings which we installed up to now have high customer satisfaction.

https://kolayprefabrik.com/en/multi-purpose-prefabricated-constructions/ click for more details.


Living Containers, Office Containers, Dining Containers, Dormitory Containers, WC-Bathroom Containers, Combined Containers, Demountable Containers.

Containers are the fastest solution for several purposes which have been mentioned above. It can be easily built a residence or worksite facility with containers. All containers are able to be constructed as side by side or one on the top of the other.

Containers can be shipped as dismounted for the best shipping cost and they are able to be mounted at the destination point.

https://kolayprefabrik.com/en/container/ check out for the details.